Action research as an educational process of teachers’ and students’ development

Mary Koutselini – Ioannidou,
Professor of Curriculum and Instruction,
Department of Education, University of Cyprus

ABSTRACT:Action research in the educational context is considered a rewarding process that address the ability of teachers and students to carefully examine their own feelings and thoughts that underlie their actions.  It also aims to empower all participants through building their awareness of all obstructive elements within the particular context as well as the personal constraints that prevent real change. From this point of view action research advocates the reflective paradigm of teachers´ development (i.e., Carr, 2004; Elliott, 1993), which is challenged by the constructivist principle that teaching and learning must be structured in a personal and meaningful way and must also be constantly developed and adjusted. Teaching as living experience is subject to retrospection that provides new insights for new action and reflection, a process that helps the cognizing person to actively build up new knowledge. 

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