Theory and Practice for writing texts in Modern Greek language teaching for the Secondary Education: the case of an action research

Katerina Skia

PhD Sciences of Education – Councilor of Secondary Education

Abstract: The present research concerns the communicative approach to written language production in the context of Modern Greek Language teaching in the Greek Secondary Education. The classroom research lasted two school years and involved the pupils of two classes, two teachers and a researcher acting as a facilitator. The research was proved more demanding than expected, since it needed to combine teaching, analysis of the written texts and questionnaires and bibliographical findings. Apart of the results for the teaching itself, the research enhanced our understanding for the nature of written communication. It revealed its complex character in the school reality, as it appears both in the process and the written texts and the need for implementation of more insightful evaluating methods. Τhe research also showed the necessity of teacher education in the scientific areas concerning writing in regard to the curriculum and the importance of action research in the field of writing.

Full text available only in Greek