The use of journals in educational action research: presuppositions and processes

Sofia Avgitidou

Associate Professor, University of West Macedonia

Abstract: This paper aims to demonstrate ways of using journals as a research method aiming to enhance recording, interpretation, reflection and decision making processes for all participants in a collaborative action research. Ways of using and analyzing journal entries by teacher researchers, in order to problematize, replan and evaluate their educational practices, and by the facilitator, in order to understand and promote dialogical and reflective practices, are presented in a detailed way.  Basic presuppositions for the effective use of journals are the observation and systematic recording and analysis of educational practices, the support of teachers by the facilitator regarding the employed research methodology, the support of teachers’ reflection process during the whole action research and, last, the promotion of dialogical practices in a trusting environment.  Results show that the use of diaries can form a valuable context for self-knowledge and understanding of the other, critical investigation of current educational practices, co-operation and development of practical knowledge.

Full text available only in Greek