Theory, practice, educational tacit theories and reflection: student-teachers practicum and educational action research

Maria Liakopoulou,

Adjunct lecturer, Democritus University of Thrace

Abstract: Many of the things that teachers do are done as a matter of routine; however teachers are also required in parallel to engage in activities which are dictated by the special needs of their pupils and the conditions which exist from time to time. They are required to teach numerous pupils at the same time, to achieve multiple objectives; objectives which change depending on context. At the same time, every teacher has a ‘personal theory' which impacts on his choices –whether consciously or not-, on how he analyses reality, on how he perceives the theory and research and directs his studies and activities. The research data presented in this article comes from research carried out, during which the role of field experience in teacher training was examined, and in particular to what extent field experience contributes a) to developing pre-service teachers’ personal theory about teaching, b) to utilising knowledge in practice and c) to developing the ability of teachers to analyse and evaluate the teaching process.

Full text available only in Greek