The design and evaluation of an instrument for supporting pre-service teachers’ reflection

Sofia Avgitidou & Vasileia Hatzoglou

University of Western Macedonia

Abstract: The aim of the study is to present the design and evaluation of an instrument for the enhancement of student teachers’ reflection during journal writing. The design of the specific instrument is based on a prior analysis of studies regarding both the content and depth of reflection on educational practice. In addition, an evaluation scale is produced that takes into account and combines the varying levels and functions of reflection that other researchers have suggested. Both the instrument and the evaluation scale have been piloted in a small sample of student teachers.  Results suggest that different kind of questions posed to student teachers encourage different levels of reflection. Specifically, questions that asked student teachers to generalize were more effective in student teachers attaining higher levels of reflection regarding practical and personal reflection.  Questions that asked student teachers not only to describe and evaluate their practice but also to reason their evaluation, provide examples as well as alternative solutions, encouraged higher levels of reflection regarding technical and critical reflection.

Full text available only in Greek