Making Pedagogical Content Knowledge Explicit: A Tool for Science Teachers´ Professional Development

Martin Scheuch & Erika Keller

PhD Students, AECC-Bio: Austrian Educational Competence Centre of Biology, University of Vienna, Austria

Abstract: Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) is a widely used concept in science education research to examine the professional, often implicit teaching knowledge of science teachers. But there are very few attempts to work with PCK as an explicit conception in teacher education. Therefore we have derived a PCK tool for reflection in professional development courses from a PCK research model. Feedback by the teachers has encouraged us to further develop this PCK tool and also offer it for the planning of teaching. Through the application of the PCK tool in different professional development settings for pre- and in-service teachers and its on-going evaluation under the paradigm of action research, the tool has advanced and made different options of its usage visible. In this paper we describe the theoretical background of the PCK tool and its action research guided development.

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