Freirean Theory, Critical Pedagogy and Action Research: Common issues and views

Danai Tsiami
Teacher, Postgraduate Student, University of Crete

Abstract: The aim of this paper consists on articulating the common issues and views of Critical Pedagogy, freirean theory and Action Research and particularly of its critical tendency. The inquiry being undertaken revealed their common epistemological grounds and dialectical approach, namely the dialectical nature of the relation between theory and practice, as well as between society and person. Furthermore, it revealed the emphasis being given from every approach on the need for pedagogical theory and research practice to fulfill a deliberating role, in order for the emancipating person to conceive its active and participatory role on the understanding of social correlations and the nature of its engagement in the transformation of society. Critical, synthetic and reflective thinking, as well as the emphasis on the epistemological and methodological aspects of dialogue and the establishment of collaborations have been identified as crucial for the fulfillment of such an objective.

Full text available only in Greek