The implementation of the Evaluation of Work in Education at Model Experimental Schools: moving from objectives to regulations in the field of Greek educational system.

Lefteris Vekris, Dr Sciences of Education, Teacher

Abstract: In recent years, the Greek educational system has been enhanced by numerous innovative efforts which created high expectations amongst education experts and professionals. Each time, however, these efforts were met with impediments placed by inflexible administrative mechanisms and the regulative tuning of a centralised authority for education. The Model Experimental Schools are at the heart of one such innovative effort by those involved in education who wish to see the realisation of autonomous school units developing their own educational policies on the school-unit level in ways that fully cover the needs of students, educators, and parents. Unfortunately, the first samples from the implementation of the Evaluation of Work in Education do not seem to satisfy this target, and, therefore, the educational community surrounding Experimental Schools must act in order for this institution to acquire substance in line with society's expectations for high-quality education.

Full text available only in Greek