When students talk about their Internal School Regulations: An empirical study

George N. Bozaitis, Teacher, M.A.,University of  Patras

Abstract: This paper is concerned with the evaluation of Internal School Regulations’ process specifically focused on how students of a Junior High School perceive The Internal School Regulations and their correlation with the school culture. The methodological approach employed a questionnaire and interviews with the 15-member student council and the presidents of the classes, respectively, with the intention of recording their views, their general stance and any difficulties resulting from the application of the Internal Regulations. The main question posed in this paper is in which way a change in school culture is perceived by its students and what they think about this. How can the shaping and the application of the Internal Regulations affect the student culture? The paper concludes with comments on the data, highlighting the findings resulting from the students’ views, and at the same time outlining a wider framework for understanding and reconsideration of this particular action.


Full text available only in Greek