The Project “Adult Education and Alternative Projects of Educational Leadership” and its implicit connection to Action Research: a case study of in-service Headmasters’ training

Dr. Chrysa Terezaki, Headmaster, Coordinator of the Scientific Network of Adult Education in Crete and of the Project “Adult Education and Alternative Projects of Educational Leadership”

Abstract: This article describes the theoretical framework of an edifying Project for executives of Elementary education which focuses on the way of their training based on the principles and practices of Adult Εducation. In the above framework the innovation in question refers to the transformation of the school unit in an open organization of learning-team Self learning ,and finally its passage through a community of learning and practicing in a team of action and change. The key word in the above significations is the word “together “ meaning in a “participatory way” the trainees with  the trainers, both in the selection of the content of the educational Project and the planning, the utilization and of course its  assessment.

Thus in the first part of the article, and after the brief presentation of the Project, the meanings, “Self Learning Team-Learning Community,  Strategic Planning”, are developed, while an exposition of a case study as a part of an educational scenario of the Project as a stimulus  for a change espousal and transformation follows. A proposition of the Project, which finally results in participatory contemplation and assessment of the educational work, from Theory to Practice.


Full text available only in Greek