Stopping violence to become bullying – An action research case on how to deal with bullying at school

Dr. Margarita Gerouki, Educator, Primary sector Educational Advisor

Eleni Micheloudaki, Educator, Primary school principal


This work presents and discuss an action research two years project undertaken in a primary school of Greece. The aim of the project was to raise awareness among students on the issue of violence at school and particularly school bullying. Also, to create empathy, safe school environment and enhance communication and other skills among students. Bullying is a serious problem. As an important amount of research data already indicate bullying can affect the health and wellbeing of many children, even to their adult years. In the literature, three are described as the core elements of bullying: it is long term and systematic pursuit; there is some kind of difference in power position between perpetrators and victims, and it has a negative effect to the wellbeing of the victim. The project that we discuss in this paper has been designed collectively by the teachers of the school and was implemented as a respond to some real life negative incidences that had happened in the same school. It was built around classroom interventions, proper monitoring and recording of students’ behaviors, as well as raising awareness for parents. In order to access the effects of the project teachers had used a questionnaire which was distributed to students (grades 3rd to 6th) both years (before the implementation of the project and one year following its implementation). In this work apart from discussing the project as a whole, we additionally present and discuss data from analyzing the students’ questionnaires. Results from this analysis can be used for arguing further on the development and dissemination of systematic anti-bullying school approaches. Creating a safe school environment is the fundamental goal. This article contributes to the ongoing discussion.

Key words: primary school, bullying, anti-bullying program

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