Students as a valid knowledge base for the production of educational material

Anyfanti Maria, Arvanitaki - Kammenou Aikaterini, Violntzi Christina,

Giannopoulou Christina, Dimitrakopoulou Spyridoula, Zourou Eleni,

Katsiardi Athanasia, Chouli Evangelia

Postgraduate students, Department of Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens


The aim of this article is to highlight how we can use the student’s knowledge and personal experience as a source of valid educational material. In this regard, the way for this educational material to be produced is by collecting intact student texts or by certain interventions of the teacher who can combine students’ knowledge with the academic one. With constructivism orientation as a basis of learning, the students’ personal experiences are redefined as learning ones. In this direction, a variety of alternative applications and a set of activities are proposed, usable in all language courses. The "by students - for students" material that will be produced each time from the teacher can cover ways of approaching both the theoretical knowledge and the practical applications of it. This attempt of producing teaching material is a challenge for the way of teaching and marks a fundamental change in the educational environment for students and teachers alike.

Full text available only in Greek