'My world, a click': The contribution of the art of photography to the development of multiliteracies in two public kindergartens of Athens

Vouvousira Stefania, Teacher, PhD candidate, Department of Early Childhood Education, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Fakou Aimilia, Teacher, PhD Department of Early Childhood Education, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens


The purpose of the article is to highlight the contribution of the art of photography to the reinforcement of multiliteracies. Based on the program 'My world, a click', carried out in four public kindergartens of Athens during the school year 2013-14, the article claims that children's work on photography - which reflected their interests, experiences, and daily life - cultivated further their verbal communication, writing skills, and visual literacy. The article focuses on data from two of the four kindergartens, in which the authors have served as teachers. The methodology followed was action research. Data collection was carried out through observation, discussion, children's creations, and the journals kept by participants.

It was observed that the art of photography gave children a voice. Their speech and writing skills were developed and they utilized their experiences for self-expression, familiarization with others, cooperation, and understanding the world around them. The children developed a specialized visual vocabulary and created multimodal works by combining various communication systems (photo-stories, moving pictures/animation, photo collage, captions, posters, and invitations). By creating visual forms, children engaged in communication and became critical readers of pictures. We believe that by placing their experiences in front of the camera and focusing on what is important for them, children became active agents in the social contexts in which they moved.

The paper is divided into four parts. In the first part, we present the theoretical context; in the second, information is provided for the research program (targets and procedures); in the third part, we present how the action research was developed and how we collected the data; and in the fourth part, we discuss the findings of our research.

Κey Words: multiliteracies, visual literacy, multimodality, kindergarten, active agents, the project 'My world, a click'.

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