Creativity and Critical Pedagogy in Initial Teacher Education

Dr Yvonne Hill, Senior Lecturer in Education, Bishop Grosseteste University


This paper examined the work of a feminist teacher who is committed to adopting critical pedagogy in the university based programme for initial teacher training in England. The study revolves around twenty six postgraduate students with subject specialism in Sociology, Psychology and Politics. At the time of this study (2011) trainee teachers required a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) to gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) in order to teach the 14-19 curriculum in England. The PGCE consisted of a total of twelve weeks on a university based programme and a practicum of twenty four weeks in two different school or college placements. The paper articulates the social agency of the PGCE course leader and her commitment to facilitating a programme of study that encouraged trainee teachers to gain confidence, competence and creativity in their professional practice. As. advocates of active professionalism we see here enactment of pedagogical subject knowledge within curriculum delivery and hear the voices of trainee teachers in being challenged emotionally intellectually and professionally. This ethnographic case study offers three areas for discussion and analysis: Firstly it offers rich ethnographic description of the critical pedagogy being formulated by trainee teachers in developing critical thinking skills for global citizenship. Secondly it presents a vivid account of the use of film in engaging young people with citizenship issues that bear witness to teachers’ personal, political and professional positioning in relation to the global state. Finally the study offers critical discourse analysis of how the intersectionality between pedagogy, politics and the creative media industry serve to open up spaces for young peoples’ critical engagement with cultural text.


Keywords: Feminist Critical Pedagogy, Pedagogical Subject Knowledge, Global Citizenship, Film Creativity

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