Critical Pedagogy and Action Research: exploring emancipatory perspectives in the postmodern educational context

Vassilis Tsafos, Assistant Professor, University of Athens


In postmodernity all values, even the emancipatory educational ones that consist priority for the movement of Critical Pedagogy, cannot be considered a priori accepted by the participants, legitimized by criteria of normative validity. On the contrary, they have to emerge from shared beliefs that are constructed gradually and are legitimized coincidentally through reflective and participative procedures. Educational action research (especially its critical version) can contribute significantly to these procedures.

The study presented here aims at defining the interconnection between Critical Pedagogy and Action Research exploring the perspectives created by this combination for the continuous search of emancipation, in an inclusive context that allows constant (re)construction of the meaning of emancipation by all the participants. So the article focuses not only on the inquiring and reflective context that can be created by the above combination, but also on the necessary prerequisites for teachers’ and students’ engagement in co-operative pursuit of values and attitudes.   

Key-words: Critical Pedagogy, educational action research, emancipatory project, reflection. 

Full text available only in Greek